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Parent Information


Dear KAYBC Families,


This Saturday, Nov. 5, formally kicks off the 2022-2023 basketball season in Kimberly and around the Fox Valley and the state of Wisconsin.  In gyms across the Fox Valley this weekend and many others, games will be officiated by amateur referees, some, as in Kimberly, high school students stepping on the court for the first time as an official.


As we prepare for this season, I am asking you, as a member in the club, to watch the 5-minute video linked below and reflect on its message and intent.  As you enter gymnasiums this winter, please be respectful and considerate to those officials working your games, whether a 16-year old student or 55 year old veteran.  Ask questions if needed, but understand the predicament we are facing in basketball and every other sport, a lack of quality officials working games in all sports.


Thank you!



Jason Nate

Referee Coordinator


Volunteer Opportunities

Each year, the KAYBC hosts several big fundraising events that parents are requested to volunteer their time and talent to make successful.

Heart of the Valley League Weekends

All HOV league parents will be asked to volunteer for a shift in concessions or at the gate if your son or daughter plays locally

Kimberly Tip-Off Classic Tournament

Kimberly hosts over 150 boys and girls teams for this tournament and all gyms in the district are used for games!  All travel parents will be assigned to work a shift or shifts in concessions or at the gate.  Parents will not work when their son or daughter is playing.

5th Grade Boys Wisconsin State Invitational Tournament

Kimberly hosts over 70 5th grade boys teams during this weekend of play at multiple locations within the district.  All travel parents will be assigned to work a shift or shifts in concessions or at the gate.

Concussions & Player Safety

KAYBC makes every effort for our players to participate safety and successfully.  Coaches are required to successfully complete concussion training every year before registering to coach.  KAYBC also works closely with KHS staff and trainers when dealing with player safety.

For more information on concussions.