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State Selection

5th & 6th Grade State Tournament Teams

State Tournament Team

  • Max of 10 players on team
  • State tournament team to play in 3 tournaments together prior to state
  • Playing time guidelines are to be followed in these tournaments
  • State tournament no playing time minimums – playing to win

State Tournament Team Commitment

  • Coaches and Coordinators should layout plan for season and determine appropriate time to select split state team based on evenly split talent tournament schedule and timing of State tourney
  • Coordinator will confirm with players and parents that they are interested in participating on the state team and understand and will make commitment to the team if selected
  • Must participate in more than 75% of practices prior to state tournament
  • Commit to playing in 2 of 3 pre-state tournaments
  • Commit to all practices in the week leading up to the state tournament

Selection Process

  • Head and Assistant Coaches to individually rank top 10 players (1=best player in class, 2=second best player, 10=10th best player)
  • Coaches will not rank their own child rather indicate if they feel they are in the top 10
  • Rankings to be sent to KAYBC president to determine top 10 players by rankings
  • Point system applied per the ranking
  • Coaches child if indicated in top 10 will then be given the average ranking of the other coaches and that coaches top 10 players will be adjusted
  • KAYBC President to confirm state team with a minimum of one other KAYBC Officer
  • KAYBC President reserves the right to contact / hold meeting with coaches if large discrepancies exist between player rankings
  • KAYBC will communicate state tournament team to all travel team participants
  • Grade Coordinator & Head Coaches to re-organize teams and tournament participation for remaining 3 tournaments + state tournament

State Tournament Coaches Selection

Option 1

  • Coaches meet and come to agreement on Head, Asst & Bench coach
  • If concerns contact KAYBC President to initiate Option 2

Option 2

  • Coaches will be selected in a similar manner to player selection
  • Coaches are eligible if their son/daughter is on the team
  • KAYBC president to check with coaches if they have particular desire to be a certain position
  • All coaches for grade will nominate their selection for Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Bench/Book Coach


7th & 8th Grade Girls

KHS Varsity Coaching staffs to determine structure per class

  • Try-outs will be held.  PLAYERS MAY BE CUT
  • Varsity coaches will meet with Traveling Team coaches & coordinators to determine:
    • Structure (example –Mixed, A/B, A/B/B and or C, Progressive, etc) for the season
    • Coaching assignments
    • # of players per tournament team
  • Playing time expectations are minimum 35% playing time per game
  • Coordinator / Coaches to communicate to KAYBC Officers and then to parents upon completion of meeting
  • KHS Varsity Coaching Staff will meet/inform the players of their participation on the teams
  • Play in up to 10 tournaments (excludes Kimberly Tournament)
  • Select team to play in state tournament (additional 1 + 10 = 11 total)

7th & 8th Grade Boys

  • Try-outs will be held.  PLAYERS MAY BE CUT
  • Details to be determined.